Entry #1

Carmelo Mug Contest! Woohoo!

2014-05-08 16:16:54 by DeathTiger0

Hi everybody!

So, while you are all waiting for us to release Adventure in Carmelot, we thought it will be fun to have a contest!
Here are the rules, we will try to keep it as short as possible:

Your mission is to draw a cool character – an original character of your own, that you think deserves a game of its own. It could be a wizard, a mouse, a dog, a fairy or anything else you have in mind.
Add a short description about your character and send it to our contest email.

We will turn one (or more) of your characters into a character in one of our games!

Now for the best part: The prizes!

The three best character drawings will win a Carmelo mug!

Read more HERE


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2014-05-30 14:48:18

I love you.