Carmelo’s Art Expo 2016 - Contest

2015-12-02 09:03:43 by DeathTiger0

We're celebrating our 3rd anniversary and we invite you all to take part in Carmelo’s Art Expo 2016, in which you'll get the opportunity to show off your talent :)
Send us anything creative that is related to Carmel Games.
It can be a new logo, a new character, fan art for one of our games, a concept art for a new game, costumes, CG cupcakes or anything else you have in mind. You may send more than one art, you are not limited to a single submission, send whatever amount you want.
The winner will receive a brand new, hard cover copy of Disney Kingdoms – Seekers of the Weird.


Send your work to our contest email:
Or instead you could send it as a private message on Facebook.
The contest will end on January 7th.


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2015-12-24 15:36:04

The art that has been shown at the image is awesome, and that's my kind of material


2015-12-26 07:06:30

Found out about this a bit too late to make deadline, but Congrats on the anniversary! Hope you get plenty of inspiring tributes; looking forward to the 19 games to come in 2016! :)

DeathTiger0 responds:

You still have over a week, it's never too late :)


2015-12-29 07:47:09

A week packed with other last-minute end-of-the-year projects unfortunately, but thanks for the motivation! :) I'll keep this post bookmarked just in case!


2016-05-27 21:49:52

You usually air a game on, then wait for supposedly a month, THEN upload it to Newgrounds... I wonder why? Newgrounds is lag-free to me because I bought membership here.


2016-05-31 20:24:08

Also, you only link the music in a few of your games. There are all these soundtracks which really amuse me and I want to find them... how?


2017-03-31 16:57:51

Love all of your games! Just curious if you'd ever consider going back and adding medals to your old games uploaded here too? I feel it would bring a lot more users to your games and so many of your medal-less games are classics! Especially Watermelon's Adventure!