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2017-09-24 11:10:16 by DeathTiger0

We didn’t have one for a while, right?
So we’re happy to announce our new contest (a pretty challenging contest this time)!

What do I need to do?!

You’re probably already familiar with our games and other point-and-click games as well.
You find cheese and you give it to a mouse, you find a screwdriver and then you unscrew something, etc.
Your goal is to give us an idea for a game – with no items at all!
That’s right! No screwdriver, no crowbar, no inventory, at all!

Is it even possible?!

We said it will be challenging, but yes, we believe it’s possible.
For example, instead of using items, you could go around a building and solve puzzles. Each puzzle opens a case, or a secret passage, or reveal a map for a maze, etc.
The most important part in this kind of a game is the story. You must have a good story so the players will want to keep investigating and exploring.

Okay, skip to the prizes!

There are two prizes available for you to choose from:
1. One month subscription for Loot Crate
2. $20 credit at Book Depository (to buy books, of course)

The fine print

1. By sending your submission you waive your idea’s copyrights and give us the right to turn your story into a game;
2. The contest will take place from September 3rd untill October 15th.
3. You are eligible for the prizes only if your address is within the supplier’s shipment limitations, please visit Loot Crate and Book Depository to see if they ship to your country.

How to send my submision?

Email us:



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2017-09-24 13:32:23

I just couldn't help myself ;-) About those copyrights: it isn't nice. The winning idea's author should be listed in the credits and if the author has an account on NG then also should be added as an author as well. Why not help the others to become writers and start filling up their games portfolio? :-)That would be fair :-) Otherwise it would be like making a movie without even mentioning who wrote the scenario.

DeathTiger0 responds:

We will write the author name in the game credits.


2017-09-24 13:53:41

HerbieG is right. Sounds like totally bad idea.


2017-10-09 14:26:13

midnight cinema 2:all hallows eve

a single mother and her 17 year old cassie myers wants go see a 80's horror movie called "evil dead 2:dead by dawn."on halloween night,but there's a killer escape from rehab center.